EMBS Family

A real community feeling

The EMBS community consists of EMBS students, alumni, professors and the administrative staff. During the two years of working, living and travelling together as part of the EMBS programme, solid relationships are built within this community.
EMBS students have to step out of their comfort zone and be able to deal with unknown environments in four different countries. The EMBS spirit is characterized by a deep awareness and acceptance of diversity. As a result, EMBS students understand how the EMBS community can help them to overcome any difficulties they encounter during the programme. A commitment to the EMBS community is demonstrated through the hard work, respect and professional consistency of the EMBS students. These elements are essential for a successful career on graduation from the programme.
The EMBS programme forges relationships between students that go beyond the working environment. The experiences shared throughout the course of the programme contribute to both personal and professional development. Students maintain contact with each other even after graduation and commence their careers with a strong peer group of friends who share their passion for business.

‘I remember the time spent within the EMBS programme as one of the happiest periods in my life. I did not want this experience to end after graduation. I have kept in touch with my classmates and the universities. EMBS is still an important part of my life’

César (EMBS 6)


The EMBS 8th generation started in Trento in September 2014.

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