Ralf Wagner


University of Kassel, Faculty of Economics,
Mönchebergstraße 1

 34125 Kassel
Building: ESW-BK II Room4009
Phone+49 561 804-2133

Major fields of research / interest

Marketing Interaction in different cultures, Direct Marketing in Alteration, Competitive Interaction, Competitive Intelligence, and Quantitative Methods of Marketing Research.

Academic degrees

1990–1995 Diploma in Business Administration at the University of Bielefeld

1995–2000 Researcher at the Chair of Business Management of Marketing at the University of Bielefeld (Dr Decker)

2000 Phd at the University of Bielefeld Thesis title: Modeling and analysis of multiple competitive reactions through the use of promotional tools

2000–2006 Research Assistant at the Chair of Business Management of Marketing at the University of Bielefeld (Dr Decker)

2008 Completion of the habilitation: Habilitation for general business administration

Theme of Habilitation: Complex patterns in Marketing Management

2006 – Today chair of the SVI Endowed Chair for International Direct Marketing at the University of Kassel.

2008 Received the Venia legendi for common administration from the Bielefeld University for the habilitation paper of ‘Complex Patterns in Marketing Management’.

Publications (selection)

Decker, R.; R. Wagner (2002): Marketingforschung: Methoden und Modelle zur Bestimmung des Käuferverhaltens, München, Moderne Industrie

Wagner, R. (2001): Multiple Wettbewerbsreaktionen im Produktmanagement, Wiesbaden, DUV & Gabler.

Articles in Journals (a selection)

Ontrup, J.; Ritter, H.; Scholz; S.W., Wagner, R. (2009): Detecting, Assessing and Monitoring Relevant Topics in Virtual Information Environments, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Vol. 21, No. 3, 415–427.

Wagner, R.; K.-S. Beinke (2006): Identifying Patterns of Customer Response to Price Endings, Journal of Product and Brand Management. Vol. 15, No. 5, 341–351.

Decker, R.; R. Wagner, S. Scholz (2005): An Internet-Based Approach to Environmental Scanning in Marketing Planning, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Vol. 23, No. 2, 189–199.