The University of Kassel

The University of Kassel is a German public university situated in the state of Hessen. The scientific profile of the University of Kassel is characterized by the fields of Nature Sciences, Engineering, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The University offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes, available for both German and international students. The University of Kassel has more than 200 agreements signed with higher education and research institutions all over the world. In addition, it also participates in European mobility programmes such as Lifelong Learning and Erasmus.

The University also provides international students with intensive German language courses and special orientation programmes.

The courses of the EMBS take place in the faculty of Economics, which is located in the University main campus, next to the city centre. The campus by itself is an attractive place to visit, with its red brick factory buildings and a cafeteria located just off a spacious square.