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Bus tickets:
The monthly bus ticket can be purchased in the main bus station in Piazza Dante. Single bus tickets can be acquired in tobacco shops, bars and kiosks, as well as from automatic machines close to some of the bus stops. They are valid 90 minutes after punching on the bus on the entire bus network in Trento. It is not possible to buy tickets on the bus. Ten-ride tickets are also available and entail a price reduction compared to buying the tickets individually.

For more information please check:
Trentino Trasporti
Via Andrea Pozzo, n° 4
38100 Trento

Check the prices and timetables of Italian trains on the following websites:

There is no free bike service available. Second-hand and new bicycles can be bought via websites and shops at very reasonable prices.

Please check:
Website: Subito.it

Shop: Cicli pedalando
Via Vittorio Veneto, n 21
38123 Trento

The city of Trento offers several services for students, such as libraries, gyms, printing centres and sport facilities.
Libraries and study halls:

There are two public libraries where it is possible to borrow books in different languages, access study halls and use computers.

Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo (CIAL)
Via Verdi, n° 8
38122 Trento

This library offers the following services:
access and borrowing, interlibrary loan and ILL/DD, reference, internet access and photocopying service.

Another library in the city centre of Trento is also available.This library offers the following services: access and borrowing, interlibrary loan, reference.

Biblioteca Comunale di Trento
Via Roma, n° 55
38122 Trento

In addition, study halls are available in any faculty on the campus.

A printing centre is located inside the University. Facilities may be used on purchase of a card from the centre.

Via Inama, n° 5
38122 Trento

A printing shop with fair prices is:

Via Senatore Carlo Esterle, n° 3
38122 Trento

Sport activities

UNI.Sport is an association that provides sports facilities and services for students in Trento. UNI.Sport offers several activities such as aerobics, aerostep, postural & tone, rock climbing, aikido, basketball, volleyball, pilates, rowing, windsurfing, skiing, and snowboarding. In order to get access to these activities, students have to purchase the UNI.Sport card, which also provides discounts in the main ski resorts in Trentino. The card can be purchased at the CUS centre.

CUS Trento
Via Inama Vigilio, n° 1
38122 Trento

For more information please check:

Fitness centres are also available in the city of Trento.
These two provide a good value for money:.

Centro Sportivo LifeLife
Via Don Arcangelo Rizzi, n° 6
38122 Trento

Juta Welleness Center
Via Galileo Galilei, n° 32
38100 Trento


Pizza Cavour is a small take away pizza shop with a good value for money. Here you can have a slice of pizza from 1 to 2 €, or a pizza to take away from 5 to 12 €.

Pizza Cavour
Via Camillo Benso Cavour, n° 22
38122 Trento

In La Grotta you can try traditional Italian food, such as pizza, pasta and typical dishes from the region for between 10 and 20 €.

Alla Grotta
Vicolo San Marco, n° 6
38122 Trento

Al Volt offers a wide selection of dishes from the Trentino region, such as carne salada, canederli and polenta for between 15 and 30 €.

Antica Trattoria Al Volt
Via S. Croce, n° 16
38122 Trento


The following bars, pubs and clubs are the most attractive places for students in Trento.

La Cantinota
Via S Marco, n° 22/24
38122 Trento

Osteria La Scaletta
Via S. Maria Maddalena, n° 9
38122 Trento

Bar Picaro
Via Giovanni Segantini, n° 36
38123 Trento


During your stay in Trento, you will be able to attend the Christmas Markets. From the 23rd of November to the 30th of December, over 60 wooden huts located in Piazza Fiera will sell traditional decorations for Christmas trees and nativity scenes, as well as local products, gourmet specialities and food selections.

For more information please check:

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