Italo Trevisan


University of Trento, Faculty of Economics
Via Inama, 5
38100 - Trento
Phone +39 0461 882138

Major fields of research / interest

Research activity developed in a few thematic areas. The first one related to distribution policies and distribution channel relationships, with particular emphasis on the relations between SMEs and big retail chains. The second one on the internationalization process of smaller firms. The third one on the impact of cultural differences on the management of international firms and on the presence of entrepreneurial activities. Linked to the latter two is the research on the replicability of the development model of the SMEs industrial district.

Academic degrees and major professional positions

Degree Political Science (107 points out of 110) Università di Padova, Master M.A.(Pol.St.), with distinction, University of Capetown;

1992 – Associate Professor of International Management and Marketing at the Faculty of Economics, Università di Trento, Trento, Italy. Appointed w.e.f. 1 November 1992; confirmed in the position w.e.f. 1 November 1995;

1986 – 1989 Researcher/lecturer, Istituto di Studi Aziendali (Business Studies Institute), Università di Trento. Appointed w.e.f. 2 September 1986, confirmed in the position w.e.f. 2 September 1989;

1985 – 1986 Worked as researcher at CUEIM – University Consortium for Industrial and Managerial Economics), Verona. This position included two periods of fieldwork in the Arab Republic of Syria.

1981 – 1984 Undertook research on political and economic relations amongst countries and territories in Southern Africa, supported by scholarships from the Italian/South African scholarship exchange programme (2 years) and from UCT post-graduate programme.

Publications (selection)

La funzione distributiva. I nuovi rapporti industria-distribuzione, Etas Libri, Milano 1991. (The distributive function. New relationship between industrial and commercial firms)

Co-editor of ‘La presenza di tratti imprenditoriali in imprenditori di diversi paesi’, in Baccarani C. (ed.), Processi di sviluppo dell’impresa minore, Rapporti di ricerca di Sinergie, n. 5, Verona 1999.

Co-editor of ‘Il commercio all'ingrosso’, in Valdani E. (ed.), Marketing, volume of the Enciclopedia dell'impresa, Utet, Torino 1995. (Wholesale trade).

Co-editor of ‘Lo sviluppo della grande distribuzione e l'evoluzione dei rapporti tra impresa commerciale e impresa industriale’ in Baccarani C. (ed.), Imprese commerciali e sistema distributivo in una prospettiva economico-manageriale, Giappichelli, Torino 1993.

Articles in Journals (a selection)

‘Public-private co-operation in fostering collaborative strategies in support of SMEs competitiveness’, (with S. Parrello), in Boamah K. Grundling J. Steynberg L. (eds.), 5th International Conference Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 24-25 October 2007, Windhoek, Namibia. ISBN 978-0-620-39763-6259-267.

‘South African SMEs approach to foreign markets: a sample of the clothing and textile industry’, in Ayadi F., African Business and Development: Strategies for Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation, Proceedings of the VI IAABD Conference, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 6-8 April 2005, Jesse H. Jones School of Business, Texas Southern University, 318-326.

‘The Presence of Entrepreneurial Traits in Small Business Owners and Non-Business Owners across Cultures’ (with J. De Jager), in Ogbuehi A. (ed.), The Global Challenge of African Business and Economic Development in the New Millennium, Proceedings of the I.A.A.B.D. International Conference, Atlantic City, N.J., U.S.A., 11-14 April 2000

Further information

Member (since 1997) administration board of Centro Studi Martino Martini per lo sviluppo delle relazioni Europa-Cina; Member (from 2000) of Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale; Member (from 2001) of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development (IJTM&SD) (ISSN 1474-2738).

Member (2002/03 and 2003/04) of the Academic Council of the ‘Master on local development for the Balkans’ (University of Trento, University of Bolzano, Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs).

Member (from 2003) of the Editorial Board of Commercium Journal, (ISBN: 1021-91-29).