Current situation of EMBS graduates

We conducted a study to evaluate the current employment situation of EMBS graduates. It is based on data from the first seven generations of EMBS which gather 144 alumni from 27 countries.


Data for this study were obtained by means of a questionnaire. The graduates had to answer several questions regarding their employment situation: country of work, name of the company, position’s title, field of work, type of contract and the range of the salary. 

Our statistics are based on data from the first seven generations of EMBS which gather 144 alumnifrom 27 countries. Their nationalities are distributed as following: Italy (n=33), France (31), Germany(25), Spain (13), Turkey (7), Russia (4), Austria, Bulgaria and Romania (3) + other countries with one or two graduates.

The EMBS graduates score a very high level of employment: 92%, the other 8% representing 5 persons involved in extra studies or internships and 7 that are not employed yet. The employed ones are working in 30 countries all around the world, 30.5 % being concentrated in Germany, which is followed by Italy and Switzerland (figure 13). The knowledge obtained during the EMBS programme ensures a steady job, 87.6% of graduates have a permanent contract.

Approximately one half of graduates (45.8%) hold positions in marketing, 15% in sales, 9% in finance, 5% in IT, 3% in human resources, other fields are of less importance. The international positioning of this master programme offers to its students the possibility to build good professional relationships in several countries. Moreover, it allows obtaining a job with international features, 90% of graduates being involved with international partners/clients/people.

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