Annual EMBS conference

Meet and succeed, coming together to share experiences, source best practices, and generate new ideas.

The Annual EMBS conference reunites EMBS students and Alumni from around the globe. The conference is a great opportunity for students and Alumni to share insights from their studies and professional work experience. The conference agenda consists of various activities such as joint educational seminars, insights into professional life, and informal networking.

Educational input is provided by professors, both internal and external to the EMBS programme. This is the starting point for lively debates on recent topics presented in international business contexts. Cutting-edge marketing knowledge and the latest intercultural negotiation insights make these discussions a valuable experience.

Alumni insights enable current EMBS students to get a grasp of professional life after graduation from the EMBS programme. Thus the EMBS students gain a clear idea of different career opportunities available to them. Graduates of the EMBS programme have one degree jointly awarded by three European universities and this proves to be a great advantage in today's internationalized business world.

Networking is of vital importance for tomorrow’s managers. The informal get together with EMBS Alumni widens students’ job opportunities. Insights from previous EMBS generations offer real added value to the students. Job and internship possibilities are explored in various branches of companies around the globe. Such professional insight is invaluable when looking for the first job after graduating from this exciting master’s programme.

Next time the EMBS family will meet in Barcelona from the 26th to 30th of March 2014!

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