Fees, financial support and cost of living

Find information about fees and the cost of living as well as the financial support you can receive.


In this area of the website, you will find an estimated calculation for the annual fees and insurance costs. Please consider that there are minor cost increases each year so that the figures given are only estimations. 

1. Year (estimation)*
Programme fees 2.500 €
National tuition fees for the Italian university 500 €
National tuition fees for the French university (1st part) 243 €
Civil liability 16 €
Contribution to Student life (CVEC) 90€**
TOTAL (1st year) 3,349 €
2. Year (estimation)*
Programme fees 2.500 €
National tuition fees for the French university (2nd part) 243 €
National tuition fees for the German university 262 €
National tuition fees for the Spanish university 500 €
Civil liability 16 €
Contribution to Student life (CVEC) 90 €**
TOTAL (2nd year) 3,611 €

* Updated amounts as of July 2016.

Additional remarks for Non-EU students:

  • Additional 1,000 € are to be transferred in advance for the 1st instalment in the EU. However, this amount will be reimbursed completely so that there are no additional costs.
  • You have to apply for a VISA in each country separately. Therefore you will have additional costs to travel to the corresponding embassy and for the VISA itself. These costs will not be reimbursed.

Financial support

Once enrolled at University Savoie Mont Blanc (France), as a student studying abroad, you may benefit from mobility grants during your semesters in Trento, Kassel and León. The administration supports you and prepares the necessary documents so that you only have to sign at the beginning of each semester. The grants you may receive are:

  1. Semester in Trento: As an Erasmus student, you can get the Erasmus + grant (240 € per month in 2018–19). Remark: Thanks to Erasmus+, students can benefit up to 12 months of funding per level of studies (undergraduate, postgraduate)
  2. Semester in Annecy: For this semester, no further financial support is offered. If you would like to benefit from other possible scholarships, please see the section below.
  3. Semester in Kassel: With the exception of German students you can receive the Region Auvergne-Rhône Alpes grant (95 € per week, max 18 weeks).
  4. Semester in León: With the exception of Spanish students you can receive the Region Auvergne-Rhône Alpes grant (95 € per week, max 18 weeks).

For the internship at the end of your studies no specific grant is available. Students have to organize by themselves.

In addition to the grants mentioned above it might be possible that your government or other institutions in your country provide further grants. Please, inform yourself in plenty of time as to whether you can benefit from additional support. For instance, www.scholarshipportal.eu , provides an overview of different kinds of scholarships. See also Campusbourses. In addition, the international office of your current home university might provide you with further information.

Erasmus+ Master Loans should be provided by European banks, mid 2018.

More information ec.europa.eu/education/opportunities/higher-education/masters-loans_en.htm

For further questions regarding financial support please contact Sophie Carambano (link to contacts).

Cost of living

Besides the fees (link) and insurance costs already set out above, you should also budget for the general expenses of daily life.
The following overview provides a rough estimate of how much you will need. However, this depends, of course, on individual needs and habits.

General cost of living (per month) Trento Annecy Kassel León
Rent 300 € 350 € - 500 € 200 € - 300 € 150 € - 250 €
Basic expenses (food, ...) 300 € 350 € 250 € 250 €
Local transportation 26 € 21 € (< 26 years)
41 € (> 26 years)
Included in the national tuition fees  
Total recommended amount (per month) 600 € - 700 € 800 € - 900 € 500 € - 600 € 450 € - 550 €

Please also consider:

  • The travel costs to each university. This depends on your location.
  • In the first month of each semester you need an additional budget for the deposit, initial purchases and so on.

Detailed information about the cost of living for international students in Trento are provided here.