Boost your Carrer

Partners of the EMBS programme benefit from access to its wide network

Access to the EMBS Network

The EMBS experience goes beyond the master programme itself. Throughout their studies, EMBS students are able to develop a network of relationships with former EMBS students, professors and business people. 

The Annual EMBS Conference represents a unique opportunity for networking between fellow students, the EMBS Alumni association and the practitioners who are invited to give presentations. Moreover, tasks such as the Consultancy Project, which operates in collaboration with real companies, allow the students to establish valuable links with potential employers early in their course of study. 

Long-lasting and beneficial connections are ensured by the informal and friendly environment of the EMBS programme. Collaboration between former and current EMBS students is encouraged via the programme’s network which allows participants to share information about CVs and work experience.

Active Career Building

Each student actively builds their business career by learning to take their future into their own hands.

Career Building is a multi-stage and ongoing process. Our belief is that learning should reflect this aspect. That is why our students are given the opportunity to participate in activities that help them to work on their future career by:

  • closely collaborating with companies through a six-month Consultancy Project;
  • attending seminars and conventions proposed by the programme;
  • learning to effectively and cohesively work in teams through the numerous group projects required by the programme;
  • taking part in company visits where they can interact with professionals; 
  • engaging in direct contact with teachers who also work in international companies;
  • taking advantage of the career centres offered in the four universities;
  • taking part in intensive programme opportunities;
  • developing intercultural communication skills.

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