Are we a business school?

Are you are looking for something unique which goes beyond the traditional focus of business schools? Then EMBS might be your best choice.

The EMBS programme – its curriculum, the learning environment, student life and profiles of the participants – is very different from those of the traditional business schools. The central aim of the programme is to train students to think 'outside the box' – to identify critical paths and propose specific and high-quality solutions.

The programme offers a two-year period of creative thinking and decision making alongside culturally intelligent students who are just as eager to innovate as you are. 

Our students relish their studies in the EMBS programme and welcome the chance to demonstrate their knowledge in exams. The material, which is proposed by leading business scholars, is presented interactively through broad discussions and workshops. The students enjoy the learning process and even come out of exams with smiles on their faces thanks to the creative approach our professors use to test their knowledge. Their goal is to find out what students know and how they think, in order to help them shape their career aspirations and life decisions.

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