The EMBS consultancy projects

EMBS combines essential theoretical knowledge with a useful awareness of business relevance. COMsult is the practical embodiment of these elements and serves to highlight the touch points between companies and the EMBS programme. This enables students to identify an exciting topic for their consultancy project.

EMBS Consultancy Projects are a special feature of the EMBS programme. Companies and students cooperate to fulfill pre-defined goals. These goals are intuitive and practical. The students are involved in a real business project, while being guided by their professors. The companies get added value for low cost and can enhance certain international projects. The Consultancy Project brings together open-minded and creative international students and dynamic businesses while focusing on added value. The three touch points between the companies and the programme are:

  • EMBS Consultancy projects
  • Lecturing opportunities for company executives
  • Annual EMBS convention

International project management

Project-based working methods are an essential part of the EMBS. Group work, sharing knowledge and constant self-challenge are necessary to reach the final goal.

Professional project management is a key discipline for tomorrow’s executives. Today’s international business transactions require young professionals to deal with multidimensional challenges. Thus, the ability to conduct target-oriented project management in an efficient way is one of the key skills developed by the EMBS programme.

The consultancy project, a six-month advisory activity, enables all EMBS students to experience project management in an international context. Groups of up to four students work as consultants in close cooperation with a company of their choice. The whole project is driven by an agreement which predetermines the objective to be reached. 

The scope of these projects includes the study of several potentially interesting markets for the contracting company. Typically new business opportunities in international markets are investigated by the students. 

The whole consulting process is embedded in the study programme. Thus theoretical input to the study of professional markets is a vital part of the supporting lectures. Regular meetings between the contracting company and the students are enhanced with the advice of EMBS professors. This makes the project of real added value to the companies. Such project oriented advice enables students to transfer theory into practice.

The managerial implications of the market research carried out during projects are presented in a concise document. The company is provided with key findings, as well as precise information. This well-informed insight enables market entry decisions and identifies potential challenges in advance.

This international project management is a real win-win situation for the companies, as well as the students. The companies get first-hand market insight and the EMBS students acquire key competences in various disciplines during the consultancy project.

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