3rd Semester - Kassel

Course descriptions

Business Negotiation

Upon completion of the module, students will:

  • be familiar with the special challenges of negotiations and are especially aware of the problems of intercultural negotiations
  • be able to prepare negotiations and are able to evaluate the negotiation outcomes
  • have learnt to express their concerns without hurting the relationship with their counterparts
  • be able to find strategies to overcome perceptional barriers and biases
  • be able to apply negotiation strategies for international settings, especially for retailing /wholesaling
  • have learnt to work in international teams and convince colleagues of distribution and sales solutions
  • have learnt to solve conflicts in international teams over marketing issues and tackle ethical challenges in sales, distribution, and marketing

Lecturer: Dr Katrin Zulauf


Distribution Management

  1. Sales and Distribution – The Concept
  2. Manufacturing, Wholesaling, and Retailing: Major Decision Areas
  3. Selected Problems:
  • Sales Management
  • Distribution Contracts
  • E-Commerce and Multichannel Marketing

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Hünerberg

Research Methods (Part-module)

  1. Introduction to business and management research
  2. Research philosophies and approaches, theories, and hypotheses testing
  3. Methods of topic identification
  4. Literature review – how it is done
  5. Research design 6. Sample selection
  6. Data collection methods (qualitative and quantitative)
  7. Analysis methods (qualitative and quantitative)
  8. Report writing and presentation

 Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner


Master Thesis

  1. Tutoring (Group sessions)
  2. Development of final research approach, design and questions
  3. Self-study
  4. One-on-One sessions with tutor
  5. Development of a final research exposé
  6. Master Thesis and Presentation

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner

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