4th Semester - Leon

Course descriptions


  1. Business Ethics, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Theory
  2. Normative and Descriptive Ethical Theories
  3. Tools and Techniques of Business Ethics Management
  4. Contextualizing Business Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Stakeholders

Lecturers: Prof. Roberto Fernández Gago, Prof. María Luisa Medrano



  1. Integrated Marketing communications
  2. The IMC Planning Process
  3. Advertising Management and Design
  4. Promotional Tools
  5. Public Relations and Sponsorship Programs
  6. Evaluating an Integrated Marketing Program
  7. Cross-Cultural Communication Differences

Lecturers: Prof. Carmen Rodríguez Santos, Prof. Alexandre Keynon



The content is adapted to the particular situation of the company analysed. The general guide is:

  1. Briefing
  2. IMC strategy in two countries
  3. IMC design

Lecturers: Prof. Carmen Rodríguez Santos, Prof. Oscar Calzado



  1. Sources of innovation: creativity
  2. Sources of innovation: cooperation with users, suppliers, competitors, etc.
  3. Collaboration strategies
  4. Types and patterns of innovation
  5. Organization for innovation and managing new product development
  6. Building business model
  7. Knowledge management for entrepreneurs
  8. Design thinking 9. Marketing innovation for entrepreneurs
  9. Social media for entrepreneurs

Lecturers: Prof. Gloria Sánchez González, Prof. David Abril



The Internship is a work‐related learning experience as a part of the EMBS program under the guidance of an external tutor. The aim of an internship is to have an actual and recent work experience in the field of business studies (preferably in International Marketing) in order to test student’s theoretical knowledge through practical work, apply theoretical knowledge in a real‐life situation, see how work is organised in different establishments and observe the work processes as well as to develop the student’s ability and habits for doing independent work. Internship must follow the aims and study goals set in the curriculum. The internship must be in line with the aims of the curriculum either by the field of activity or in general with activities that develop research and analytical skills.

Lecturers: Prof. Carmen Rodríguez Santos, Prof. Oscar Calzado, Prof. Mario Diaz

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