Academic grading systems

The Italian grading system is based on a 30-point grading scale:

27–30: excellent (ottimo)
24–26: very good (distinto)
21–23: good (buono)
19–20: satisfactory (discreto)
18: sufficient (sufficente)
0–17: fail (insufficente)

The French grading system is based mostly on a 20-point grading scale:

16–20: very good (très bien: TB)
14–15.9: good (bien: B)
12–13.9: satisfactory (assez bien: AB)
10–11.9: correct (passable; not an official grade)
0–9.9: fail (insuffisant)

The German grading system is based on a 6-point grading scale (GPA)

1 very good (sehr gut) 
2 good (gut) 
3 satisfactory (befriedigend) 
4 sufficient (ausreichend) 
5 deficient (mangelhaft) 
6 insufficient (ungenügend)

The Spanish grading system
 is based on a 10-point grading scale

9.0–10 outstanding (sobresaliente or matrícula de honor or mención de honor)
7–8.9 remarkable (notable). 
6–5.0 passed (aprobado).
3–4.9 insufficient (insuficiente).
0–2.9 fail (suspenso) 

For the corresponding grades across the partner countries, see EMBS conversion table

Language courses

In the four EMBS countries students can attend courses in the local language for foreigners with a final examination that officially certifies the level achieved by the student.

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